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July 5, 2023

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Chimney Rock is a towering 315-foot natural rock formation located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It has been a popular tourist destination for centuries, and its dramatic beauty has also made it a popular filming location for Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Some of the most famous films that have been shot at Chimney Rock include:

  • The Last of the Mohicans (1992): This epic historical drama starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Madeleine Stowe was filmed in several locations in North Carolina, including Chimney Rock. The film’s final battle scene was shot on the summit of Chimney Rock, and the stunning views of the surrounding mountains can be seen in several other scenes.
  • Firestarter (1984): This Stephen King adaptation tells the story of a young girl with pyrokinesis. Several scenes from the film were shot at Chimney Rock, including the opening scene where the girl’s parents first discover her powers.
  • A Breed Apart (1984): This action-drama stars Rutger Hauer and Kathleen Turner as a conservationist and a widow who team up to stop a mountain climber from stealing bald eagle eggs. The film’s climax was shot on the summit of Chimney Rock.
  • SGT. Will Gardner (2019): This action-drama stars Max Martini as a troubled Iraq War veteran who sets out on a cross-country journey with the hope of reuniting with his young son. The film’s opening scene was shot at Chimney Rock, and the park is also featured in several other scenes.

The presence of Hollywood in Chimney Rock has had a positive impact on the local community. The films and TV shows that have been shot at the park have brought in tourists from all over the world, and this has helped to boost the local economy. The park has also benefited from the increased exposure that it has received from Hollywood, and it is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in North Carolina.

If you are a real estate seller in the Chimney Rock area, you can use the park’s Hollywood connections to your advantage. When marketing your property, be sure to mention that it is located near a popular filming location. This could help to attract potential buyers who are interested in living in a place that has been featured in movies and TV shows.

Here are some additional tips for real estate sellers in the Chimney Rock area:

  • Highlight the park’s stunning views and natural beauty.
  • Mention that the park is a popular tourist destination.
  • Point out that the park has been featured in movies and TV shows.
  • Organize a viewing of one of the films or TV shows that were shot at the park for potential buyers.
  • Offer a discount to potential buyers who mention that they are interested in the park’s Hollywood connections.

By following these tips, you can use the park’s Hollywood connections to help you sell your property in Chimney Rock.

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